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Jay Morjaria

RESIDENCY: 14-25 May 2019


Jay Morjaria has a passion for creating experimental, 'plant-forward' food that draws inspiration from his lengthy stays in Asia, which eventually culminated in the birth of his brand ‘Dynasty’.

In the countries that Morjaria takes influence from, the word dynasty signifies a series of leaders in the same family - something that holds a personal meaning, as he comes from a family of proven restaurateurs.

Morjaria explained: “I’m really looking forward to my upcoming residency at Great Guns Social. It’s a creative venue that offers a relaxed, intimate atmosphere and I know the diners there are ready and willing to try something new. I’m going to bring them incredible East Asian food with a party atmosphere - it’ll be a lot of fun."

"We can't wait to have Jay back in our kitchen cooking some of his amazing, Korean inspired, food.

His menu promises to be so delicious you'll want to order it all, which is exactly what we suggest you do!!  Smaller dishes and sharing plates are the order of the day, so book a table with your friends now.

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