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Ken Griffiths Bureau


Texas Panhandle:
Photography exhibition

July - September 2022

In 1987, Ken was working on a Guess Fashion advertising campaign during which he disappeared to document the heart of Texas. One photograph he shot would grab the attention of Paul Marciano, co-founder of Guess, leading to the commissioning of a book about Cowboy culture titled 'The Panhandle," featuring Ken's images. ⁠

We teamed up with Great Guns Social and took over the loveliest pub room (with access to a sunny outdoor terrace) to showcase a selection of vintage prints from Ken Griffiths' Texas Panhandle collection.⁠

We invite you to come and view the works, which will be up until September 2022. Don't forget your cowboy hats! 🤠⁠

Address: 96 Southwark Bridge road. SE1 0EF, London. ⁠

⁠Open 4pm till 11pm Wednesday to Saturday. ⁠

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