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Linda's Journey

supper clubs in April:


My journey started in early 00s ago working in Goa, learning my local cuisine in a 5 starred hotels. Move to London brought the opportunity for me to work at starred West End hotels for the past years. My first chef residencies were at the Old Nun Head and at the Hill Station Café in New Cross Gate.

Now, I want to take you on my culinary journey at Great Guns Social, cooking my native Goan cuisine using fresh local produce.

Goan produce, ingredients, and cooking methods evolved with early colonists. The early Mughals influenced and adapted their cuisine with rich coconut based curries. Arrival of Portuguese in the early 16th century influenced rise of new flavours including vinegar based curries, grilled and stuffed seafood, and spicier pork chorizo. The vegetarian cuisine is untouched and simply divine with way less heat.

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