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Rajiv's Kitchen

nepalese summer tasting menu
7 courses

multiple dates in august 2022, 7pm till late
vegan available

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Rajiv wants to share his childhood memories of laughing around the table, munching on flavoursome & delicious food with fellow Londoners, the same as he does with his family and friends; hence the birth of Rajiv’s Kitchen.

Nepal was a remote kingdom – in some ways it still is – that had to rely on what nature provided, sometimes in harsh conditions, and hence innovation and improvisation was required. Nepalese cuisine is an expression of a unique culture. It’s a style of food forged on the roof of the world. It’s not like Indian or Chinese food – the general misconception – but a bit of both and more.

Having been raised in the surroundings of the mountains and rivers in Nepal, Rajiv grew up using fresh herbs and spices for cooking that were often obtained through foraging. He began cooking from a very early age from observing his mum, aunts, uncles and grandma. Rajiv sees cooking as his art, creating delicious menus that will overwhelm your every sense.

Here for three weeks only!! Book now!

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kitchen take over: 22/6 - 17/7, 2019
supper clubs:
feb 2022
Aug 2022

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