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Secret Samosa Club

RESIDENCY: 19/2 - 2/3, 2019


Secret Samosa Club launches first ever residency at Borough pop-up hero Great Guns Social

Joti Sohi, ex-Management Consultant and now self-made “Samosa Queen” today announces a two-week residency at Great Guns Social, kicking off on February 19th. Joti, who first tasted creator Rick Matharu’s pastry-filled creations back in her native Canada, knew she had to be the one to bring them to London. The residency promises a host of quirky home style classics with a Punjabi twist such as Punjabi Cheeseburger Samosas, Chaat Fries, and Tandoori Jerk Chicken Lasagne.

Joti, who is Canadian-born, met Rick in 2005 and the pair hit it off straight away. Since scooping Canada’s prestigious ‘Recipe to Riches’ $250,000 prize, Rick has been busy honing his craft and building a successful brand in Toronto’s competitive restaurant scene. When he isn’t serving Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau, he’s experimenting with new flavours and creations in his test kitchen, creating a new tradition of flavours, heritage and styles.

Rick’s unique creations have drawn widespread acclaim and London will have access to a host of his insanely good dishes which draw on his Punjabi heritage, but into which he injects a big dollop of leftfield craziness, such as the the Butter Chicken Loaded Fries – an outrageous Asian take on traditional Poutine. Or there’s the Punjabi Cheeseburger with Tandoori Bacon – a 6oz beef patty with melted cheddar, tomato, onion, shredded lettuce, sautéed onion and achari mayo, topped with tandoori spice infused bacon. Insanely good! And not forgetting the Rajma Bowl - a sort of twist on Mexican nachos using stewed kidney bean curry, topped with cheese, sautéed peppers, onions and corn, served with Indian pico de gallo, a crème fraiche-adobo pepper chutney, crispy onions, coriander and chilli crisps.

Secret Samosa Club at Great Guns Social launches on Tuesday 19th February and will run for two weeks. Chef Rick will be in Borough for the duration of the residency curating daily specials created just for Great Guns. Booking is highly recommended!!

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